Release Planning Day 1 Schedule (AERP4)

Note: this is one of a continuing series of posts, categorized under Release Planning.

In earlier posts, I’ve described the critical role that release planning plays in enterprise agility. I’ve described the motivations and objectives (AERP1 and AERP2) and planning and preparation (AERP3).

Over time, I’ve developed a somewhat standardized, two-day “program” for such an event which has served a number of teams quite well. This program provides a draft, tried and true agenda that your teams may want to start with. Of course, as with all things agile, there is no one size fits all, so you should feel free to try it as is, modify it, or throw it out and plan your own event. In any case, I’m confident it will be an important learning experience for the enterprise.
Here’s what Day 1 looks like:

Release Planning Day 1 Schedule

Perhaps you can see from the end of the program, that one day doesn’t always quite get it done; that’s why we have reserved Day 2.


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