Role of the Product Manager

I’ve been blogging off and on the “agile product manager vs. agile product owner” roles over the last few months. (These are categorized under Product owner/Product Manager) In one post (Responsibilities of the Agile Product Owner vs. Enterprise Product Manager) we noted that within the enterprise, it’s not always appropriate nor feasible to have product managers fill the role of the agile product owner, and we noted that organizing the roles around the release and iteration boundaries/ownership often make sense. See below.

po-vs-pm.jpgWhen this happens, while the activities of the product manager role evolve in an agile enterprise, so long as the product owner assumes the basic iteration responsibilities, many aspects of the enterprise product managers role are largely unchanged.

I just came across an article I wrote in 2002 which was my articulation at the time of the growing influence of product managers and their responsibilities within the software enterprise. I’ve posted the article below and on the resource page as well. I think it is still largely relevant to the discussion at hand.

The Role of the Product Manager in a Software Products Company


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