Agile Axioms from Paul Beavers

Paul Beavers, Senior Director of R&D at BMC Software, has been blogging about the successful BMC agile enterprise transformation experience. Paul was a collaborator of mine on that fun project, and as a senior director, he was personally responsible for driving much of the change that facilitated success. He has been synthesizing this experience into a set of “agile axioms” and has been posting on his blog at working software every two weeks. Paul is a pretty direct guy and he doesn’t mince or waste words, so it’s some concise, pithy, and practical content. For example his first three axioms are:

Agile Axiom #1 – Agile development actually requires more discipline that traditional waterfall methods.

Agile Axiom #2 – Without automation it is mathematically impossible to stay releasable at the end of every iteration.

Agile Axiom #3 – An automated build system is critical to the success of most Agile software projects.

If you are transforming a large enterprise, you might want to subscribe to his blog.


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