More on the Virtues of the Agile Executive

Israel Gat continues his “view from the executive suite” discussion of BMC’s successful transformation at the Agile Thinkers blog, noting that agile has now reached approximately 1,000 practitioners at BMC. That puts it in the class of one of the three or four largest transformations that I am personally aware of, truly enterprise scale. Moreover, these were not pockets of 10-50 people working on individual projects, these were many hundreds of people working together on highly complex, interdependent systems.

It’s really refreshing to get an engaged executives view on the challenge of the transformation at this level of scale and with this level of frankness and openness.

In this post, he highlights three core “ingredients” that characterized the view from the executive suite at BMC. They are:

  1. Intentionality – a one way trip to agility without looking back
  2. Trust – they trusted the teams and the teams “trusted them back”
  3. Risk taking as an acceptable art. Without risk, can there really be any reward?

But this is a woefully inadequate summary so please read the post at—israel-gat.html.