Upcoming September 10, 2008 Webinar – Principles of Agile Architecture

For those interested in the Agile Architecture Series, I’ll be presenting a webinar on this topic on September 10, 2008 at 1:00PM Eastern time. The webinar Principles of Agile Architecture: Intentional Architecture in Enterprise Class Systems is described below:

“As Agile development practices cross the chasm to the enterprise, many interesting debates continue about the role of systems architecture. As the continuous refactoring of emerging-only architectures becomes less practical as the system size and complexity grows, there is a natural desire to minimize unnecessary refactoring as well as to build systems from components that work in a like manner. This defines a role for “Intentional Architecture” in agile, enterprise-class systems development. In this Web seminar, learn about seven core principles that can be applied to architecting these large scale systems without sacrificing the principles or benefits of true software agility.”

This is part of a series sponsored by Rally Software, in collaboration with Sticky Minds and Better Software Magazine, designed specifically for the Enterprise Agilist. This webinar series is designed around specific topics of interest to the larger enterprise adopting agile methods. The description from the website is below:

“Join leading Agile experts, coaches, and authors—including Jean Tabaka, Dean Leffingwell, Stacia Broderick and Ryan Martens—as they paint a picture of successful Enterprise Agile adoption from a team’s first project to enterprise-wide transformation. During this Web seminar series, you will learn proven organizational transition approaches and best practices around Agile project and product management, Agile architecture and quality management. Development, management, and product teams will gain both an understanding of what it means to transition to Agile as well as specific best practices for their role in the organization.”

The series is now available for registration at: http://www.bulldogsolutions.net/SQE/SQE09242008/calendar.aspx?bdls=15887.

And it is FREE!


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