Agile Enterprise Big Picture Revised, (again!)

For those following the Big Picture series on the blog, you’ve probably already noted that the Big Picture and elaborations have been evolving over time. I supposed it would have been nice to “get it right the first time” but in fact, that wasn’t possible, for without publishing and feedback, there can be no “right”. So I publish and refactor and publish and refactor and publish and refactor. In the meantime, readers have had the benefit of any value I’ve been able to deliver in the meantime.

After all, this is the Agile Enterprise Big Picture we are trying to describe!

In any case, based on reviewers and previewers comments, I’ve come to the conclusion that I was missing one more element that was necessary to describe how the enterprise model works. This element is the “system team”, a team which runs iterations on the same cadence and release train as the agile development teams and carries system level integration and evaluation responsibilities. I did describe it in the book, but I hadn’t included here for fear of overloading the graphic. I’ve now included it:


Big Picture Revised (Again!) Jan 2009

and I’ll describe it in the next post.

I’m also going to insert this revised graphic back on the first introductory post, in case any future readers start there. But I’m not going to bother to redo Posts 2-9, because that isn’t the “simplest thing that can possibly work”.

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