More on Product Owner vs. Product Manager – Revenue Products need Product Managers not/and Product Owners?

As I’ve noted before, the Product Owner and Product Manager category on this blog still seems to stir the most interest amongst readers.

I just noted that the folks at enthiosys recently published the following article Revenue Products need Product Managers, not Product Owners. (The title is a tad misleading, because in point of fact and as the article points out, agile enterprise ISV’s (independent Software Vendors) generally need both). This is an excellent, summary perspective of much of what is being discussed in classes, forums and blogs as agile crosses the chasm to the enterprise. It’s a short read and pretty much on the mark. Here’s a short introduction:

“Product Managers are responsible for the overall market success of their products, not just the delivery of software. In the Agile world, a new title is emerging – the Product Owner – which covers a small subset of the product management role and can lead to role confusion. Here, we’ll explain why revenue-producing products need full-fledged Agile Product Managers.”

If your organization has, or should have, Product Owners and Product Managers, you should definitely check it out.

And for more on this topic, check out the Product Owner/Product Manager category on this blog.



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