Reaching the Agile Enterprise Tipping Point – A Workshop

Recently, I’ve been working with a number of large companies who are reaching the agile enterprise tipping point. In most cases the development teams or some outside agents have introduced agile as a potential solution to a host of problems – productivity, quality, time to market, whatever – but the managers and executives aren’t quite ready to “take the plunge.” Their reticence may be due to lack of understanding of the methods themselves, the “agile is just for small teams” rallying cry of critics, too many agile Dilbert cartoons, or just the understandable fear of change on such a large scope. (No professional Agilist has ever said “this will be easy”).

No matter the source of their reticence, if management can’t be tipped, the organization can’t be tipped and the benefits of enterprise agile adoption will remain just out of reach.

Over the last year or so, I’ve worked in a number of such situations and have come to the conclusion that the best way to help an organization reach the tipping point is with an onsite workshop, which focuses on enterprise agility for certain, but as applied to each companies specific context and challenges.

I put together this workshop data sheet for one such enterprise and it occurred to me that it might be useful to some others as well. Here it is:

Reaching the Agile Enterprise Tipping Point: A Two Day Workshop

Also, I’ve restructured the Services page on this blog to highlight some additional packaged services. These could serve as a potential roadmap for those enterprises in the process of “taking the plunge” into agile development.


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