Lean & Kanban Conference Rescheduled – May 6th-8th

The  new conference focusing on the application of Lean and Kanban methods for software development – Lean & Kanban 2009 has been rescheduled to May 6-8 in Miami. This innovative conference will featuring a full day of presentations with separate tracks for Lean and Kanban, plus a full day of open space and a half day of lightning talks.

“Learn the latest thinking in applying Lean techniques like Kanban to shorten cycle time and deliver more value from your software projects. Mix with the experts and practitioners using these ideas every day in organizations around the world. Be part of our community. Be part of the next wave of software management and leadership.”

It’s a smaller, informal conference with Keynotes from lean thought leaders including, myself,  Alan Shalloway, and David J. Anderson, so it’s a great opportunity to learn about the latest techniques for improving productivity and value delivery as well as to hob knob with the presenters.

I’ll be delivering a keynote at the conference focusing on Lean and Scalable Requirements Practices for the Agile Enterprise that is the subject of the Agile Requirements and Big Picture blog series. This will be my first public presentation on the topic and I look forward to an informative and interactive discussion of these ideas and real world practices. Other speakers will include:

I expect this conference to be innovative, informative and perhaps even a little controversial around the edges. Just my cup of tea!

Hope to see you there.



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