Updated Big Picture Graphic

The Big Picture has evolved quite a bit over course of the Big Picture Series. Here’s the latest tip revision of the graphic. Refer to the series itself for elaborations.

5/09 Update: Added Portfolio Managers.

Changed “Release (PSI)” to “Release Increment” to better reflect the intent. No one understood what a PSI (Potentially Shippable Increment) was, and it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.). Also, some are using the word “Train” (as in Agile Release Train) for this milestone, because the connotation of the word “Release” is overloaded and can cause unnecessary palpitations. (as in “You’ve got to be kidding, we can’t release a product every bla bla bla”). I’ve been thinking about the term “Releasable Increment” for this event also.

Big Picture (Updated 5/09)

Big Picture (Updated 5/09)

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