Agile Journal Article Series: The Product Owner in the Agile Enterprise

For those following this blog series, some of this content has been repurposed for a three part series in the Agile Journal. Part I- On Agile Product Managers and Product Owners: A Scalable, Nuanced Approach, has just been published. The content mostly follows what is being published here, but its’ stitched together for a little easier reading and better digestibility. And it’s more portable, too, as you can download it in PDF form.

For those who hadn’t been following the Agile Journal, I’d strongly recommend it as it has diverse and refreshing content in every edition.

My Agile Journal series and this blog series on this topic will continue in parallel, as they serve slightly different purposes. I’ll keep you posted on upcoming journal articles based on this series. In the meantime, this blog series will continue and the next post here will be “Responsibilities of the Product Owner in the Agile Enterprise.” This post is deeper and more specific than the prior posts in this series, and will hopefully be more actionable for the enterprise Product Owner too. It’s out for comments right now so I should have it posted sometime next week.


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