Announcing the Formation of the Lean Software & Systems Consortium

For some time, I’ve been collaborating with some industry leaders about the potential to utilize lean methods and practices as a mechanism for 1) helping scale agility across the full enterprise and 2) providing new tools and techniques to further advance software engineering and management practices beyond the bounds of our current agile constructs.

In days prior to the Lean & Kanban 2009 formal conference program, which I am now attending, we’ve come to agreement on a strategy to accomplish this objective.

I am happy to announce that The Lean Software and Systems Consortium (LeanSSC) has been announced for just this purpose:

Based in Washington, USA, LeanSSC is non-profit consortium comprised of corporate members, academic institutions, and industry leaders who share the belief that understanding and application of the science of lean will be of great benefit to software intensive industries. LeanSSC’s mission is to promote professionalism and create awareness of lean science and associated competencies by creating and promoting a body of knowledge and an associated certification program.

Founding members of the consortium include David Anderson — David J. Anderson Associates, Alan Shalloway and Alan Chedalawada — Net Objectives, Dean Leffingwell — Leffingwell, LLC.,  Don Reinertsen — Reinertsen & Associates, Karl Scotland — EMC Consulting, Rob Hathaway — IndigoBlue, James Sutton — Lockheed Martin, Mike Cottmeyer — VersionOne, Peter Middleton — Queens University @ Belfast.

The full press release announcing the formation of the new consortium is here:

Lean SSC press release 

I’ll be blogging about this more extensively in the near future.

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