Perspectives on Lean & Kanban 2009

As a new entry into the software development conference marketplace, (along with all of the implications for potential impact implied by its labels), Lean & Kanban 2008 has created a bit of a buzz in the blogosphere. What follows is a short summary of some of the action:

The presentations for all the speakers from the conference are now available on line here. There is an amazing amount of new content on both topics, Lean and Kanban, and any one interested should check out these presentations.

My, personal, off-the-cuff reactions to the conference and the potential for the impact of the lean movement on software development practices can be found here.

Mike Cottmeyer ( has a really pithy discussion of his view of Kanban, specifically on the limitations and potential of this, new team-based agile method (or tool?  see below) here.

David Anderson, the conference organizer and a leading proponent of both lean and Kanban practices opines on his view of Kanban and his reaction to the question “Is Kanban just a tool”.

Also, Mike Cottmeyer and Ryan Martens have a particularly interesting discussion on the formation of the Lean Software and Systems Consortium and it’s announced certification “Why a Lean SSC and Why a Certification

You may also wish to check out John Heintz review and perspective on the Lean&Kanban 2009 conference.

I’m sure there’s lots more to come.


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