Patterns and Anti-patterns in Enterprise Adoption

I gave this presentation to a SPIN meeting the other day and promised that I would post it. So here it is:

Patterns&Antipatterns in Enterprise Adoption

I’ve blogged on this topic before ( see post) but as agile continues to cross the chasm to the enterprise, new anti-patterns emerge (or perhaps they were always there and I just didn’t see them ……)

It might raise a few eyebrows so comments are welcome. I’ve posted it to the resource page  as well.


2 thoughts on “Patterns and Anti-patterns in Enterprise Adoption

  1. I’m reading and weeping/nodding.

    Every word is so true, hope we as a community of agile coaches working with enterprises can learn from these anti-patterns, apply Lean earlier in the process, know to work on those impediments earlier.

    My biggest concern is that there are a lot of engineers/managers in those enterprises who are getting a questionable first impression of Agile based on this, and will hesitate to recommend it to friends and in the next time they are considering whether its worthwhile to try Agile as a remedy to serious software development organization pain…

    • Agreed. Unfortunately, due to these types of challenges, there is more than one enterprise for whom agile is becoming a pejorative term. But talking about it has to help some. Addressing the root causes will help even more. After, all what other clever techniques does one have to improve quality, productivity and morale of the development process?

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