Speaking at Agile 2009

I’ll be giving an updated version of my scaling agility presentation at Agile 2009. I’ll be speaking on the Agile Adoption Stage in the Toronto Room at 2 PM Wednesday, August 26th. You can see the full program schedule here.

The abstract for my presentation is below. Also, we’ll be having a meeting of the Lean Software And Systems Consortium board on August 24th and 25th, so if you have any input for that meeting regarding corporate or academic membership, body of knowledge, certification or whatever, please let me know.


Dean Leffingwell describes how agile methods are being successfully applied to enterprise-class development. • Part I describes team practices that scale to the enterprise, including: structuring agile teams, mastering the iteration, concurrent testing and continuous integration. • Part II describes additional practices necessary to achieve full enterprise benefits. Topics include: intentionally emergent architectures, lean requirements at scale, coordinating releases with the agile release train, agile training and rollout strategies and measuring business performance.


2 thoughts on “Speaking at Agile 2009

    • It is a tutorial format with time for questions and answers at the end, so it’s not very hands on. But there isn’t much theory, it’s all based on proven, applied practices of agile at enterprise scale.

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