Rearchitecting with Flow

I’m happy to report that the final chapters of the agile requirements book are largely converging. It now appears as it might actually be finished someday. In the meantime, for those of you who have been interested in the topic of agile architecture, I’ve completed the next draft of Chapter 21 – Rearchitecting with Flow and posted it here for public review and comment.

I think it provides some innovations that might help  larger agile enterprises  reason about and implement system-level architecture in a lean and agile manner.

I’d like to thank the architects and enterprise agilists at F-Secure Corporation, including KE Tan, Gabor Gunyho, Santeri Kangas, Ari Inki and James Cooper,  for their substantial contribution to this Chapter. Even more importantly, they are putting a variant of this system to work right now so we’ll have more feedback over the next few months  However, any errors in thinking, logic, design or description are solely my own.