Presentation: Rearchitecting Enterprise Class Systems

I’ve been using this presentation to provide overview context for some larger enterprises who have interest in the topic of rearchitecting  large scale systems in an agile manner. Of course, it isn’t a trivial topic as the problem itself is quite complex, and this solution requires a “trifecta”  of three advanced practices:

① Lean and Scalable Requirements Model (more)

② The Agile Release Train (more)

③ An Architectural Epic Kanban System (more)

The presentation is here: Rearchitecting Enterprise Systems.pptx

This presentation pulls these three elements into a more cohesive overview, albeit it one that still requires some voice over explanation.


One thought on “Presentation: Rearchitecting Enterprise Class Systems

  1. It’s very exciting to come across your work. I look forward to acquainting myself with the Modern Analyst paper. It looks like it is well argued and uses rigorous modelling too – so right up my street. I’ve been doing some work lately on re-defining the word ‘epic’ in an Agile context to mean more than a big story. I’ve got as far as a ‘story epic’ which looks like it’s a re-statement of your work, and a ‘project epic’ that includes constraints, NFRs and something I call ‘implementation tales’. This work is good for demonstrating ‘traceability’ when you get on a project a bit late and have to make sense of somebody else’s work. (It has other uses too). I’ve written it up, have a paper I’d like to share with you and a presentation. Send me a mail if you’d like to see them…


    Peter Merrick Ph.D

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