New Chapter – Use Cases

Well, I’ve been pretty quiet for a while as I finally had to focus completely on getting my new book (Agile Software Requirements) finished. But it is finally ready and the reviewed manuscript will go off to Addison-Wesley in the next week or two, with publication sometime this fall.

As I’ve described before, in addition to coverage of user stories, backlog items, nonfunctional requirements, requirements discovery and analysis techniques, vision expressions, etc, I’ve included a chapter on use cases. I wrote this chapter for serious agile system developers who don’t feel the need to forget everything that worked before when new things come along.

In reviewing the draft chapter, Alistair Cockburn was gracious in providing some quotes and comments, so I though I’d share this chapter here. You might also enjoy the following post from Alistair that I used in positioning this chapter.

I hope it delivers value. I’ve always been a big fan of use cases. But only because they work.

And thanks Alistair.


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