Guest Post: Knowledge Flow in the Scaled Agile Delivery Model

My colleague, (and partner in a number of agile rollouts), Alex Yakyma from Kyiv, Ukraine, has been opining on how the Agile Release Train and the Scaled Agile Delivery Model in general, helps drive knowledge acquisition, accumulation, and flow in the agile enterprise. He just put up a new post, Knowledge Flow in the Scaled Agile Delivery Model, which describes Nonaka and Konno’s Socialization, Externalization, Combination, and Internalization (SECI) model for the acquisition of new knowledge. We’ve seen this “ba” (*the Zen of Scrum, see note below) drive teams to higher and higher levels of performance, and we see it in some agile programs (release trains) too.

I think you’ll find the article interesting, but fair warning, there will be some thinking involved. (But that’s usually required for new knowledge acquisition).

*Note: “Ba” is the energy and knowledge acquisition power of agile teams, or as Jeff Sutherland puts it, “BA is the zen of Scrum”. Ba can be described as follows:


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