HIgh Assurance Series Update

I haven’t posted much in this category lately as I’ve been busy drafting and redrafting the new whitepaper: Agile Software Development with Verification and Validation in High Assurance and Regulated Environments.

(Ok, I’ve been goofing off some, too.) But finally, Craig Langenfeld and I finished the final draft and it’s now in Rally’s hands for release. (Note: the body of the whitepaper is solely method guidance and is tool agnostic; but Craig has provided 8-10 screenshots of using Rally’s app in the Appendix. As I have mentioned, it’s foolish to attempt enterprise agility, much less high assurance agility, without proper tooling of some sort. Pick your vendor, but pick a competent tool).

I’d expect the whitepaper will be released by Rally next week at Agile 2011, and as soon as it is, I’ll post a copy here, too. I’ll be presenting at Agile 2011 on Wednesday, though not on this topic. My presentation topic will be Advanced Practices in Enterprise Agility: Five Keys to building the Lean|Agile Enterprise. I’ll post that briefing here this weekend.

In the meantime, those tooling high assurance will want to take a look at Craig’s latest post HIgh Assurance Agile Software Development Traceability Matrix Examples which illustrates traceability options inherent in a well formed, and tooled, requirements hierarchy.

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