New Scaled Agile Framework Big Picture Technical Practices Icon

We’ve just updated the Scaled Agile Framework Big Picture to include the following new icon:

Define Build Test Agile Technical Practices Icon

The latest version of the Big Picture now appears as follows:

Latest Version of the Scaled Agile Framework Big Picture

This icon is intended to represent the agile technical practices and related software engineering skills that each Define/Build/Test agile team must master to drive the code quality to the highest possible levels. (higher quality=higher end user satisfaction and higher overall velocity).

I’ve assumed these practices in general in Scaling Software Agility and Agile Software Requirements. In SSA, I focused chapters specifically on the big two- Continuous Integration and Concurrent Testing (TDD and ATDD was a bridge to far when I wrote SSA). I refer you to that work for my discussion on the criticality of these practices in scaling agile. (If you try to scale crap, you just get a bigger pile of crap).

As I’ve described, most of the basic, team-level agile project organizational and project management practices that I have described in the framework were brought to us by Scrum. After all, Scrum has largely won the market wars for team-level agile adoption at present. (And that’s for good reason; it’s simple (on the surface) and it really works. I’m a huge fan of Scrum.)

However, most of these more technical agile software engineering practices were introduced, or at least better codified, within XP. The figure below highlights these.

I don’t see as much initial XP rollout in the market as I did 3-4 years ago; and dang, that’s too bad, because if the team doesn’t substantially improve code quality, then they can’t be very agile and the programs and enterprises won’t be very agile either. (But I do see an increased focus on these practices as a second phase rollout in the more experienced Scrum shops. Spontaneous pairing abounds!)

I’ve added this icon, in part,  because one of my colleagues, Alex Yakyma, ( has committed to blogging on some of these practices, as he spends a lot of time with developers in the enterprise setting.

As that content becomes available, I’ll post it here. In addition, as I mentioned before, a few of us (announcement forthcoming) are also committed to building a lightweight, interactive web site for the Scaled Agile Framework that will aggregate a practice overview in one navigable format, all based on the Big Picture.

I’ll announce it when there is something useful to announce, probably in the November time frame.


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