A Sudden and Sad Loss of a Partner and Friend

In a previous post, I announced the formation of a team, Scaled Agile Partners,  committed to extending and publishing the Scaled Agile Framework so that ALL teams and enterprises can leverage the benefits of agile development. Mauricio Zamora was a founding member of that team. He was also a great personal friend and trusted partner.

Mauricio died suddenly on Thanksgiving day. He leaves behind a wife, Pam, and son, Trey, aged nine.

Scaled Agile Partners, Oct 2011. From left to right, Colin O'Neill, Alex Yakyma, Dean Leffingwell, Drew Jemilo and Mauricio Zamora - (Died, November 24, 2011)

We all mourn the lost of this outstanding contributor and great human being. The world is not a better place today than it was last Thursday.

Mauricio had committed his next career to Scaled Agile Partners in order to help individuals, teams and enterprises enjoy the benefits of agile, including better outcomes for business, improved lives of users everywhere, and the basic humanity and just plain fun, that comes when individuals work on empowered, self-organizing agile teams − teams that get the results they deserve for all their hard work.

His passing reminds us that life is short, and therefore we must all make it meaningful. All the Scaled Agile Partners are committed to continuing this important work and building on the foundation that Mauricio has helped create. We will continue our work, but we will miss him terribly.


4 thoughts on “A Sudden and Sad Loss of a Partner and Friend

    • Jennifer,
      And I’m glad that you at least got to meet him. So yes, you suffered a loss you would not otherwise have, but I’m still happy that you did.

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