Scaled Agile Framework Big Picture Update

The Scaled Agile Framework collaborators, (Colin, Drew, Matthew, Alex (via Skype) and I) had another JAD session here in Boulder over the last three days. As per our Roadmap and schedule, the website went live at ( However, we’ve had to scope-manage our efforts quite a bit (seems as if we all have day jobs), and have now committed to getting the newly-defined abstract pages in place asap (but not the detail pages). The abstracts are complete now for the Team level; other levels to follow.

We’ll formally announce the Framework around the first of the year, we hope to get all the abstracts in place before then.

And of course, the big Picture evolved for the umpteenth time. Here is the latest:


  •  new logo and redesign, new icons
  •  added the Release Train Engineer icon.
  •  added a Shared resource icon. (just posted that abstract here)