Newly Released Quantitative Data on Enterprise Agility Benefits at BMC Software

It’s always nice to see quantitative benefits in our hard to measure, intangible field of endeavor. For those of you who have read the book, you’ve probably seen the BMC Software case study (visit to see the full case study). This case study highlights a true, enterprise-scale, agile transformation, complete with the challenges and pitfalls that most enterprises face when they move to the agile model. This should be required reading for every large software company considering such a move.

Recently, a press release by QSM Associates, makers of the SLIM software productivity estimating tool, and Cutter Consortium reported on some of the quantitative benefits that BMC has achieved. A few highlights here:

  • “remarkable levels of time-to-market and quality”
  • “produce large scale enterprise software in 4-5 months, compared to typical one year”
  • “exceptional time-to-market without sacrificing quality”
  • “Especially noteworthy – BMC ‘Secret Sauce‘ enables process to succeed in spite of geographically dispersed teams”

“Other companies experience higher defects and longer schedules with split teams, BMC does not. I’ve never seen this before. The low bug rates also result in very low defect rates post-production“

  • “clearly ahead of more than 95 percent of all the software projects captured in the SLIM metrics database, they’re among the best I’ve seen”

With these results, you might want to read the full case study.

Agile Excels at BMC, Programming Technique Provides Customers Higher Quality Products in Record Time