Table of Contents

Table of Contents

About the Author

Part I Overview of Software Agility
1. Introduction to Agile Methods
2. Why The Waterfall Model Doesn’t Work
3. The Essence of XP
4. The Essence of SCRUM
5. The Essence of RUP
6. Lean Software, DSDM, and FDD
7. The Essence of Agile
8. The Challenge of Scaling Agile

Part II Seven Agile Team Practices that Scale
9. The Define/Build/Test Component Team
10. Two Levels of Planning and Tracking
11. Mastering the Iteration
12. Smaller, More Frequent Releases
13. Concurrent Testing
14. Continuous Integration
15. Regular Reflection and Adaptation

Part III Creating the Agile Enterprise
16. Intentional Architecture
17. Lean Requirements at Scale: Vision, Roadmap and
Just-In-Time Elaboration
18. Systems of Systems and The Agile Release Train
19. Managing Highly Distributed Development
20. Changing the Organization
21. Impact on Customers and Operations
22. Measuring Business Performance



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