Agile Software Requirements: Table of Contents

Agile Software Requirements: Lean Requirements Practices for Teams, Programs, and the Enterprise

Table of Contents

Forward by Don Reinertsen


Part I – Overview: The Big Picture

1.             A Brief History of Software Requirements Methods

2.            The Big Picture

3.            Agile Requirements for the Team

4.            Agile Requirements for the Program

5.            Agile Requirements for the Portfolio

Case Study: Tendril Residential Energy Ecosystem

Part II – Agile Requirements for the Team

6.            User Stories

7.             Stakeholders, User Personas and User Experiences

8.            Estimating and Velocity

9.            Iterating, Backlog, Throughput and Kanban

10.          Acceptance Testing

11.          Role of the Product Owner

12.          Requirements Discovery Toolkit

Part III – Agile Requirements for the Program

13.         Vision, Features, and the Solution Roadmap

14.         Role of the Product Manager

15.         The Agile Release Train

16.        Release Planning

17.         Nonfunctional Requirements

18.         Requirements Analysis Toolkit

19.         Use Cases

Part IV – Agile Requirements for the Portfolio

20.       Agile Architecture

21.       Rearchitecting with Flow

22.      Moving to Agile Portfolio Management

23.      Investment Themes, Epics and Agile Portfolio Planning

Appendix A – Requirements Interview

Appendix B – Vision Document Template

Appendix C – Release Planning Readiness Checklist

Appendix D – Full Requirements Metamodel


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