Agile Software Requirements: Acknowledgments

The following are the acknowledgements for Agile Software Requirements: Lean Requirements Practices for Teams, Programs, and the Enterprise. Thanks again to all who contributed. I could not have done it without you!


It’s a humbling process to acknowledge all the contributions of others who have collaborated on this book.

I’d like to thank Don Reinertsen, who provided permission to use elements of his breakthrough text, Principles of Product Development Flow: Second Generation Lean Product Development. The principles from his book helped me truly understand things I thought I understood before (even if it did cause me to rework some chapters). Thanks to Alistair Cockburn, who contributed directly to the use-case chapter, and other agile thought leaders whose work I have, I hope, acknowledged appropriately.

I am particularly appreciative of those individuals who contributed so much to the intellectual content in the book. They—and their employers—allowed me to develop and publish what were, at that time, experiments-in-process. These include my Finnish collaborators. Juha-Markus Aalto of Nokia Corporation was instrumental in the development of the lean and scalable requirements model and had the courage to put the Agile Release Train to work at theretofore unprecedented scale. The agilists and architects at F-Secure Corporation—Santeri Kangas, Gabor Gunyho, Kuan Eeik Tan and others—contributed to the architecture chapters. Their enthusiasm and commitment to rethinking the roles of system architecture in large-scale systems development was lean, agile, and practical.

Don Widrig, coauthor of our earlier Managing Software Requirements texts, contributed heavily and drafted the requirements discovery and analysis chapters. Mauricio Zamora of CSG Systems was always ready to test an idea, read an early chapter, or “try this at work.” Pete Behrens helped me see user stories, stakeholders, and personas more clearly and was instrumental in drafting those chapters. Jennifer Fawcett extended my understanding of the agile product owner and product manager roles and contributed extensive case study examples from her work at Tendril Inc. Stephen Baker and Joseph Thomas of DTE Energy provided the mental model for legacy mind-sets of portfolio management. Israel Gat contributed to the portfolio chapters. Alexander Yakima reviewed various works in process and translated pieces to his Russian and Ukrainian audience.

Even that list is not exhaustive. So many others—Mike Cottmeyer, Ryan Shriver, Keith Black, John Bartholomew, Chris Chapman, Craig Larman, Mike Cohn, Maarit Laanti, Ryan Martens, Matthew Balchin, and Richard Lawrence—directly contributed words, thoughts, critiques or encouragement.

My Addison-Wesley editor, Chris Guzikowski, kept faith when the manuscript was lagging, and my editorial assistant, Raina Chrobak, helped turn the manuscript into a suitable production. Thanks to my Addison-Wesley reviewers, Robert Bogetti, Sarah Edrie, Alexander Yakima, Brad Jackson, and Gabor Gunyho. A special thanks is due Gabor Gunyho, who contributed directly to the intellectual content of the architecture chapters and who also provided an incredibly thorough concept, text, and methodology review.

If there is any quality to be found in this resulting product, much of the credit goes to these collaborators. I hope the book meets your requirements.


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