New Whitepaper: A Lean and Scalable Requirements Information Model for Agile Enterprises

For any who have been following the requirements blog series and category, my collaborator, Juha-Markus Aalto and I have just completed a whitepaper which integrates the lean and scalable requirements information model with the Big Picture Series in a narrative format. It’s not quite as deep as the blog series and some content (like Use Cases) has been left out to make it shorter and hopefully, more understandable. It is posted on the resource page.

This will be the topic of my keynote at the upcoming Lean and Kanban 2009 Conference.


Agile Journal Part III – Seeding the Agile Product Owner in the Enterprise

Part III of the Series, the Agile Product Owner in the Enterprise is now available in the April edition of the Agile Journal. In this article, I provide a number of case study vignettes as to how larger enterprises went about the process of staffing this critical role in their agile transition. Part I- On Agile Product Managers and Product Owners: A Scalable, Nuanced Approach and Part II – Responsibilities of the Agile Product Owner in the Agile Enterprise have already been published.

The content mostly follows blog posts I have published here, but it is stitched together for easier reading and portability. The article concludes that series in the Agile Journal. With respect to this blog series and category, I’m going to move on to the Role of the Agile Product Manager in the Enterprise next.