Whitepaper:User Story Primer_1

This whitepaper describes the background and application of user stories, which is the primary requirements artifact agile teams use to carry the customers value stream though development. It is excerpted from my upcoming book:  Agile Requirements: Lean Requirements Practices for Teams, Programs and the Enterprise.

Whitepaper: the Big Picture of Enterprise Agility

This whitepaper summarizes the Big Picture from the Big Picture of Enterprise Agility blog category.

WhitepaperA Lean and Scalable Requirements Model for Agile Enterprises.

For any who have been following the requirements blog series and category,  this whitepaper integrates the Lean and Scalable Requirements Information Model with the Big Picture of Enterprise Agility Series in a narrative format. It’s not quite as deep as the blog series as some content has been left out to make it shorter and more understandable.

On Line Journal Article: A Contemporary Framework for Agile Product Management in the Enterprise.

Pieces of it have been spread around this blog before, but this is a fairly standalone piece describing my view of the changing role of the product manager in the agile enteprise.

Presentation: Patterns&Antipatterns in Enterprise Adoption

This was a presentation I did for a recent SPIN meeting. A bit of a lightweight introduction to a serious topic.

Presentation: Lean and Scalable Requirements Model Presentation

This presentation, A  Lean and Scaleable Requirements Model for Agile Enterprises,  is my keynote from my Lean&Kanban 2009 conference in Miami. For more on this topic, see the requirements blog category or the whitepaper below.


Agile Journal Series: Agile Product Owner in the Enterprise

The Agile Product Owner in the Enterprise series is now available at the Agile Journal.

Part I- On Agile Product Managers and Product Owners: A Scalable, Nuanced Approach

Part II – Responsibilities of the Agile Product Owner in the Agile Enterprise

Part III – Seeding the Agile Product Owner in the Enterprise

Whitepaper: Systems of Systems and the Agile Release Train.

This whitepaper is taken directly from Chapter 18 of SSA. It describes the principles and mechanisms of the Agile Release Train, which better aligns the objectives and strategies of agile teams to those of the larger system, application, suite or enterprise. For additional information on this topic, see thethe Big Picture and Release Planning blog series.

Presentation: Moving to Agile Portfolio Management.

This was my presentation at the May 19,2009 joint meeting  of the Denver chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) and the newly formed Denver chapter of the Agile Project Leadership Network. See post for more details.

Whitepaper: Principles_of Agile_Architecture: Intentional Architecture in Enterprise Class Systems

This whitepaper on agile architecture grew out of a series of blog posts wherein we were trying to define some governing agile principles that teams could use  to guide their agile, system-level architectural practices. My coauthors are Ryan Martens, Rally’s CTO and founder, and Mauricio Zamora, Executive Director from CSG Systems, both of whom are experienced enterprise agilist thought leaders and senior architects.

Presentation: Harnessing Innovation: Lightweight Governance Models for High Performing Agile Teams

I gave this presentation in May 2008, at an in-house agile community gathering for a large enterprise facing the challenge of instilling lightweight governance for a large number of newly energized agile teams.

Whitepaper: The Role of Product Management in a Software Products Company

This is an older whitepaper, somewhat pre-agile for me, but the content is still largely relevant to today’s software product manager’s mission, especially for those who do not ALSO assume the product owner’s role.

Agile Journal Article: Release Planning at Enterprise Scale: An Inside-Out Narrative

This article in the agile journal describes an enterprise release planning event narrative from the perspective of team members who are new to agile. The Release Planning blog series  covers some of the same material from a more traditional author’s perspective.

Team Agile Self-Assessment Survey

Here is the agile self-assessment tool, as described in Chapter 22 – Measuring Business Performance. Its in PDF form. For a copy in Excel, please shoot me an email.

Whitepaper: Mastering the Iteration

This is Chapter 11- Mastering the Iteration, taken  directly from the book and posted here with the permission of the publisher.

Resources for Referencing Scaling Software Agility: Best Practices for Large Enterprises. Here is a list of resources that you can use on your site to link to, or reference Scaling Software Agility.

Amazon Link

Scaling Software Agility - Front Cover Front Book Image
Scaling Software Agility - Back Cover Back Book Image

Short Description
Agile development practices, while still controversial in some circles, offer undeniable benefits: faster time to market, better responsiveness to changing customer requirements, and higher quality. However, agile practices have been defined and recommended primarily to small teams. In Scaling Software Agility, Dean Leffingwell describes how agile methods can be applied to enterprise-class development.

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Download a two page chapter overview here


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