Presentation: Rearchitecting Enterprise Class Systems

I’ve been using this presentation to provide overview context for some larger enterprises who have interest in the topic of rearchitecting  large scale systems in an agile manner. Of course, it isn’t a trivial topic as the problem itself is quite complex, and this solution requires a “trifecta”  of three advanced practices:

① Lean and Scalable Requirements Model (more)

② The Agile Release Train (more)

③ An Architectural Epic Kanban System (more)

The presentation is here: Rearchitecting Enterprise Systems.pptx

This presentation pulls these three elements into a more cohesive overview, albeit it one that still requires some voice over explanation.


New Chapter – The Agile Release Train

I’ve blogged and written more about the Agile Release Train topic more than most over the last year or two. Thats because for many enterprises, it is the next big step of agile enterprise maturity because it drives strategic alignment and institutionalizes  product development flow.

In Scaling Software Agility, I had a chapter on the topic as well. A few years have passed since I wrote that book, and the thinking and practices around the ART have advanced as well.

In the context of the upcoming book Agile Software Requirements: Lean Requirements Practices for Teams, Programs and the Enterprise, I’ve had the opportunity (and need) to update the description and to integrate it more directly to agile requirements management, the Big Picture and product development flow. I thought it was a good draft chapter to share for a while prior to publication, so I’ve posted it here.

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