Scrum of Scrum Ground Rules

In the last post, I described an impressive Scrum of Scrums meeting I attended this week. It’s a pretty big Agile Release Train that has 14 cooperating teams. After just a few months of agile, this program really seems to be “on their game”, and this team clearly is developing some significant “ba”.

I also snagged a photo of their “ground rules for the Scrum of Scrum meeting”. But the photo isn’t clear, so I’ll just list the rules here (with their permission):

  • “Like my daily Scrum, this meeting is meant to be fast and short.
  • I will be present on time and I will come prepared.
  • I will first state my Scrum Team name.
  • I will talk about my team, not individuals on the team.
  • I understand that problems can and should be raised during this meeting, but I will not discuss solutions until after everyone has had a chance to go thorugh their standard report.
  • After all teams have reported, the focus will shift to any issues, problems or challenges that were raised. These will then be discussed and resolved or added to the Scrum of Scrums parking lot for future discussion.”

Thanks guys! (you know who you are).


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