Two New Enterprise Case Studies

I’m always on the lookout for documented case studies of agility at enterprise scale which highlight impediments, lessons learned, anecdotal benefits, and wherever possible, hard metrics of improvement in productivity, quality or morale. I’ve (b)logged two such case studies, the transformations at BMC Software and in this blog under the category “Case Studies”.

Since then, British Telecom, and Siemens each presented an experience report in presentation form at the Scrum Alliance Gathering in November of 2007. While not exactly written case studies with lessons learned, benefits, metrics, etc., and while it’s unclear exactly how many practitioners they transformed, these presentations do provide insights of agile “crossing the chasm” in two extremely large software enterprises.

They can be found on the Scrum Alliance Website at:

Agile at Siemens

Scrum at British Telecom


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